Foals 2014

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03/09/2014, filly

by Beltano
out of Summersby by Scolari


03/12/2014, filly

by Dressage Royal
out of Mandocina by Münchhausen



03/17/2014, colt

by Fürstenball
out of Daytona by Dancier



04/03/2014, filly

by Damsey
out of St. Pr. Dancia
by Dancier



04/05/2014, colt

by Dressage Royal
out of St. Pr. Florentine
by Florencio I


04/10/2014, colt

by Cascadello
out of Calla
by Count Grannus



04/17/2014, colt

by Foundation
out of St. Pr. Saphira
by Count Grannus




04/21/2014, colt

by Damsey
out of St. Pr. Betty
by Benetton Dream


04/27/2014, filly

by Armitage
out of Zausel
by Zapateado



05/11/2014, colt

by Dressage Royal
out of St. Pr. Sawana
by Sandro Hit


05/16/2014, filly

by Scuderia
out of Fanny Mae
by Florencio


05/22/2014, filly

by Coal Diamond
out of Rosalie by Royal Blend


05/26/2014, colt

by Desiderio
out of Witta
by Wittinger



06/13/2014, colt

by Scuderia
out of Sherglana
by Sherlock Holmes



07/07/2014, colt

by Hampton
out of Disco Queen
by Don Frederico



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